A little while back ,I participated in a 50- word horror story competition online. I penned down two stories.Here goes the first one . While some of my friends found it spooky, some others  found it funny.Do read and tell me your opinion!

His girlfriend wanted an abortion. He was angry ,frustrated and eventually killed her in the bath tub.Seven years later, his wife complained that his daughter didn’t want  to take bath.The little girl said that she didn’t want to drown in the bath tub AGAIN!!!



So today while sitting for lunch in the mess ,my lab partner showed me this post which sent me into a fit of giggles.I don’t remember everything of it ,but here’s what I do remember and I hope it makes you smile!

If Titanic was made in India.

1.The number of people on the ship would be 10 times more than the original population. 

2.There would be a song with Kate Winslet in a white saree and of course dancing in the rain.

3.Hero and heroine would float in the water for days and still survive but the villain would drown in the first dip.

4.The iceberg would be sent by the the heroine’s father to teach the hero a lesson.

And here comes, my personal favourite

5.The movie would be called , 

PYAR KIYA TO MARNA KYA!              



Sometimes ,it is during the most random times that somethings strike you which you haven’t even thought about before.A random musing during my postings today.

Told my selfie ‘ I miss you ‘

– acid attack victim.



#funny #medical

I’m sure this is something most of you might not have experienced unless you are a science student.I didn’t do this in med school(we deal directly with dead bodies here 😉 .I did this 4 years back when I was an innocent ,ignorant kid just out of high school.But ,damn this experience sure scandalized me for life.

Let me tell you how it is done.

Step 1- dip the live cockroach in water mixed with surf excel (or any detergent of your choice).This is to kill the cockroach and to make them sparkly(the attendant picked them from the neighbourhood drainage apparently).

Step 2 – pick the cockroach of your choice from the bucket with your bare hands( you get negative marks if you use gloves) and pin them to a board with 2 pins (one for the head and the other for the rear end).

Step 3 – Use a scissors and cut off it’s wings and limbs.

Step 4 – Use a dissecting blade (you can use our domestic GILETTE blade if you are up for it  😉 no harm there) and make an incision from the top to the bottom of the cockroach and separate the skin.

Step 5 – White gooey matter will ooze out which you can separate with your forceps. 

Step 6 – Tada!!!  Ladies and gentlemen  I now present to you the digestive tract of the cockroach in its full glory!

We also dissected an earthworm but I personally prefer cockroaches because they are less smelly. 😉

The result of this experience was that the next time I see a girl(or a guy for that matter )screaming in panic when they see a cockroach. I’m like 

‘My lady , do you want me to kill your enemy and present it’s head as an offering to you? Your wish is my command!!!’



I hate stepping out of my home on Valentine’s Day.There I’ve said that.And yes , like you’ve guessed I’m single and no I’m not saying this out of jealousy or spite yaada…yaada. I just find the whole idea sickeningly sweet.

The I love yous , the blushing couples on the streets, the coochie coochie sweetness ,the general ‘redness’ in the air drives me up the wall. I personally call it my PITY DAY.The reason being that all my friends who are in love(and that includes pretty much everybody) think that I curl up in to a ball, lock myself into a room and sob in the darkness on this particular day.So,I end up at the receiving end of their pity ,with them trying to set me up with someone.

And I just wanna say  ‘Guys please,I don’t want a boyfriend. It’s just too much work, time and not to forget expensive!!!’ But no, nobody ever believes me and I know atleast one of you who’s reading this will be thinking ‘Oh she must be a loser, that’s why she doesn’t have a bf’.

I don’t blame you. I think that’s just the kind of beings we’ve all become now.Anyways it’s the day after Valentine’s Day today.And I personally call it the REALITY DAY. The reason being that I can hear the very same friends who pitied me, quarrelling with their boyfriends over the phone in the recreation room of our hostel.

And as I’m  typing into the phone now, looking at the dead rose flowers in the dustbin,I can’t help wondering 

‘Has love become so weak that we just box it up into a single day?’



The first time I met you                           Or the first time you met me                          I knew God had given me this cue                      To start our friendship, you see   

 And I was happy, because very soon       this friendship of ours blossomed            into something as pretty as the moon    Little did I know that I would be doomed

When death took you away, my friend   I couldn’t believe that this was our end                        I cried, cried out loud in agony                             My days no longer remained sunny

Now, every night I’d look at the sky                      Wishing, wishing I had wings to fly              And hoping, hoping that someday               You’d tell me that it was all a play                                                        



Painted in the deepest blue,                      Night spreads across the canvas               Of the sky, when time is due.                    The moon and stars coming in mass

Dear Mother Moon you glide above            Along with your kids, the stars.                      The perfect epitome of motherly love     You’re indeed envied by Venus &Mars 

For they say, men are from Mars             And women are from Venus                      But they don’t have your kids, the stars  Like any childless couple, they are jealous

The moon and the stars then dance,        To the delight of the trees                           The clouds stop and stare in trance         Looking at them, my mind is finally at peace.