And when Heaven cried, Nature bottled up Her tears hoping to gift Her with snowflakes when winter came.



The first time I met you                           Or the first time you met me                          I knew God had given me this cue                      To start our friendship, you see   

 And I was happy, because very soon       this friendship of ours blossomed            into something as pretty as the moon    Little did I know that I would be doomed

When death took you away, my friend   I couldn’t believe that this was our end                        I cried, cried out loud in agony                             My days no longer remained sunny

Now, every night I’d look at the sky                      Wishing, wishing I had wings to fly              And hoping, hoping that someday               You’d tell me that it was all a play                                                        



Painted in the deepest blue,                      Night spreads across the canvas               Of the sky, when time is due.                    The moon and stars coming in mass

Dear Mother Moon you glide above            Along with your kids, the stars.                      The perfect epitome of motherly love     You’re indeed envied by Venus &Mars 

For they say, men are from Mars             And women are from Venus                      But they don’t have your kids, the stars  Like any childless couple, they are jealous

The moon and the stars then dance,        To the delight of the trees                           The clouds stop and stare in trance         Looking at them, my mind is finally at peace.