I hate stepping out of my home on Valentine’s Day.There I’ve said that.And yes , like you’ve guessed I’m single and no I’m not saying this out of jealousy or spite yaada…yaada. I just find the whole idea sickeningly sweet.

The I love yous , the blushing couples on the streets, the coochie coochie sweetness ,the general ‘redness’ in the air drives me up the wall. I personally call it my PITY DAY.The reason being that all my friends who are in love(and that includes pretty much everybody) think that I curl up in to a ball, lock myself into a room and sob in the darkness on this particular day.So,I end up at the receiving end of their pity ,with them trying to set me up with someone.

And I just wanna say  ‘Guys please,I don’t want a boyfriend. It’s just too much work, time and not to forget expensive!!!’ But no, nobody ever believes me and I know atleast one of you who’s reading this will be thinking ‘Oh she must be a loser, that’s why she doesn’t have a bf’.

I don’t blame you. I think that’s just the kind of beings we’ve all become now.Anyways it’s the day after Valentine’s Day today.And I personally call it the REALITY DAY. The reason being that I can hear the very same friends who pitied me, quarrelling with their boyfriends over the phone in the recreation room of our hostel.

And as I’m  typing into the phone now, looking at the dead rose flowers in the dustbin,I can’t help wondering 

‘Has love become so weak that we just box it up into a single day?’



  1. OK first to start with I will say girl just keep on enjoying this single status till the time you can as you are certainly the centre of attraction for many single suitors πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ second it’s just a mere show off when we say we are celebrating valentine day or any other day.. If you love someone genuinely every day is a special day I will say πŸ™‚ Nice post.. brought back my memories of college days πŸ™‚

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  2. Hi dear I nominated you for blogger recognition award.. Right now I can’t forward you link but you can go through my last post for the details about nomination.. I dropped you msg yesterday also don’t know why it didn’t turn up..

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    • Dear Priyanka Ma’am, thank you so much for the award,I really feel honoured that you’ve chosen me for this.But , I ve kinda decided to keep this blog – award free!Please don’t be offended,this is nothing against you . Before you ,another blogger had nominated me for some award and I didn’t participate for which she got really offended(I guess) because she stopped following me.Just blame this on my laziness or tiredness or exams ,whatever you want.So I decided to neither accept any awards or give away any. I really ,really hope you understand 😦

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  3. “Not to forget expensive”
    Those are the exact words i am keeping myself off the relationships these days.
    But on the other hand, i am quiet okay with the idea of Valentine’s day, let the poor couple do whatever they want. And trust me, people love each other more on other days than Valentine’s!

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