A little while back ,I participated in a 50- word horror story competition online. I penned down two stories.Here goes the first one . While some of my friends found it spooky, some others  found it funny.Do read and tell me your opinion!

His girlfriend wanted an abortion. He was angry ,frustrated and eventually killed her in the bath tub.Seven years later, his wife complained that his daughter didn’t want  to take bath.The little girl said that she didn’t want to drown in the bath tub AGAIN!!!


22 thoughts on “SPOOKY ? OR  FUNNY?

  1. Interesting, I’m wondering its amazing how you manage your time and spare some for such creativity and posting it here while my final year doesn’t even give me time enough to get thoughts into my head forget putting them down somewhere :p Amazing on your part though! Kudos to you, keep writing! 🙂

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